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Deer Creek Landowners, Inc.
Heavy Vehicle Policy

Note:  Note: As of April 26, 2014, this policy supersedes any and all previous Deer Creek Landowners Inc (DCLI) policies regarding Heavy Vehicle, Firewood Cutting, Logging and Hauling.


  1. All parcel owners utilizing heavy vehicles weighing in excess of 10,000 lbs gross weight and traveling on roads as described in Attachment III of the Amended Deer Creek Landowners, Inc. Right of Way and Joint Maintenance Agreement, recorded Jan. 23, 2007 are subject to a heavy vehicle fee. This includes landowners using roads and subject to Section 845 of the California Civil Code.
  2. The Heavy Vehicle fees will be assessed as defined in Attachment I of this policy. Miles are measured from the intersection of Deer Creek Road and Bear Creek Road to the loading/unloading point and return.
  3. It is each landowner’s responsibility to monitor the vehicle weights and number of round trips and to report that activity to DCLI at the completion of the project. A monitor will be responsible for keeping a log of the number of trucks completing round trips, their license number, their weights and distance traveled on the roadways.  Should the landowner(s) choose not to provide a monitor, DCLI will hire an independent monitor and add the cost to the heavy vehicle fees.
  4. Heavy vehicles will be allowed to utilize the roadways between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday only. No heavy vehicle traffic will be allowed on the roadways on weekends or national holidays unless special written permission is given by the DCLI Board of Directors in advance. Requests for special operating days or hours must be submitted four (4) weeks in advance of the start of the project.
  5. The road must be watered every day before the first truck comes in and after the last truck goes out, unless an excess of water is damaging the roadways because of heavy traffic.
  6.  The heavy vehicle operating company must carry Liability Insurance in the amount not less than $ 1,000,000.  Prior to the commencement of the project, the contractor must provide a current Proof of Insurance Certificate and it must be on file with DCLI and DCLI must be named as ‘Additional Insured’ on the contractor’s policy.
  7. The heavy vehicle operating company and the landowner assume all liability for all property or roadway damages to the road, bridges or gates pursuant to Paragraph 10 of the DCLI Right of Way and Joint Maintenance Agreement.

This policy is subject to the terms and conditions of the Right of Way and Joint Maintenance Agreement recorded on Jan. 23, 2007 and will be kept on file at the principal office of DCLI.


Heavy Vehicle Policy Weight Fees for Commercial Vehicles 1.


Vehicle Weight in Pounds            Weight Factor 2     Cost/Mile Traveled 3

10,001 – 20,000                                18:1                               $ 7.20

20,001 – 30,000                                28:1                               11.20

30,001 – 40,000                                40:1                               16.00

40,001 – 50,000                                50:1                               20.00

50,001 – 60,000                                62:1                               24.80

60,001 – 70,000                                75:1                               30.00

70,001 – 80,000                                93:1                               37.20


Example:  Heavy Vehicle weighing 46,000 # traveling 2.5 miles to site would pay - $ 20/mile X 5 miles round trip = $100 / round trip.



  1. Charges apply to all heavy vehicles exceeding 10,000 lbs.
  1. Weight factors are compared to 4000 lb. passenger vehicle or light truck.

(Ref. CA DMV VC Section 9400.1)

  1. Based on 4000# vehicle cost/mile/year at $ .40/mile

Contractor’s Liability Insurance Requirements

All Contractors contracted by Deer Creek Landowners, Inc. (DCLI) to perform work or services on our road system or bridges, must carry Liability Insurance in the amount not less than $ 1,000,000.  Prior to the commencement of contracted services, a current Proof of Insurance Certificate must be on file with DCLI and DCLI must be named as ‘Additional Insured’ on the Contractor’s policy.

The State of California requires that California State Workers Compensation Insurance cover all employees of the Contractor who are working for or providing services to DCLI.